Climate Change – Protect yourself from flood with Materials Damage Insurance

The Worlds climate is changing and this is having a dramatic affect on our weather. This year saw some of the worst storms in living memory. Severe flooding is now commonplace and set to continue for the foreseeable future. In a recent Prime Time special on RTE ( aired on Tuesday 18th March, experts set out the future for our weather and it’s certainly going to continue to be very unpredictable and erratic – sea levels are rising by an average of 0.5 metres every year and the average temperature is roughly half a degree warmer than two decades ago. These may seem like minor fluctuations but the experts are all agreed that these are causing all the strange weather patterns we are experiencing and it’s set to continue.

Are you and your business adequately covered to protect your future?

Materials Damage Insurance

Materials Damage Insurance can provide indemnity in respect of loss or damage to an insured property caused by anyone of a wide range of perils including flood, storm or tempest, fire and/or lightning, burst pipes, explosion, aircraft or other impact, riot or other malicious damage and theft.

Business Interruption Insurance

In addition to this it’s important to have sufficient Business Interruption Insurance to cover your expenses while you get back on your feet. A comprehensive policy should provide indemnity of Interruption or Cessation of your business following loss of or damage to the property insured under your Material Damage policy caused by one of the perils mentioned above.

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