Fire Insurance

Fire is possibly the most devastating hazard to property an individual or business can face, causing harm to lives and livelihoods. If you want to know why fire insurance coverage is so important, all you have to do is take a look at some recent statistics on the frequency of home fires and the extent of the damage they have done. According to the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management at the Department of the Environment, there were 8,726 fires in Domestic buildings in 2011. Sadly, 38 people lost their lives as a result of these fires in that year. The total cost of operating the fire service in Ireland was €261.55 million in 2011.Home Insurance

Man of our daily activities in the home can leave us exposed to the possibility of a fire that could threaten our home and belongings. Cooking, especially the open chip-pan, burning candles or incense and keeping warm by the fire are all potentially risky activities. Any kind of electrical appliance also has the potential to malfunction and cause a fire.

Smoke alarms may not be enough. A properly functioning smoke alarm can be a great early warning tool that will alert you to a fire with enough time to get your family to safety and call the fire brigade. However, fire can spread rapidly, and getting a critical heads-up to the presence of smoke in your home is no guarantee that your home won’t be seriously damaged or totally consumed by fire. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that having state-of-the-art smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will prevent a fire or give you enough time to put it out.

Fire insurance cover is absolutely essential. If the worst were to happen and your house burned down, where would you go? Knowing that you have relatives who will pitch in to help you out during such a difficult time is great, but if you don’t have those resources, what would you do? If you cannot live in your home because of loss or damage caused by fire, generally speaking, most policies will cover the reasonable cost of similar alternative accommodation for you until your home is fit to live in again. Most policies will also pay charges made by a local authority in line with the conditions of the Fire Services Act 1981 to control or put out a fire affecting your property, again with certain limits. Speak to one of our advisors today to help you with the small print!

Having fire insurance can save you from financial disaster. Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Failing to insure it against fire damage could put you in a precarious financial situation if you leave yourself no recourse in the event of a fire. You’ve worked hard all your life to have the things that you deserve – why put all of that in jeopardy by failing to have adequate insurance coverage for fire?

Fire is a commonplace occurrence. This doesn’t mean that it’s destined to happen to you. But if it does, having fire insurance to help cover your financial losses is a critical safety net that nobody should do without.

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