Home Insurance

The Importance of House Insurance

Other than your health, your home is the single most valuable item that you can insure. It is therefore very important that you are adequately insured for this risk. Unlike motor insurance, house cover is not compulsory in Ireland. However with the issue of liability arising from an unforeseen event, recent weather related events and an increase in crime, Home insurance should be seen as essential.

An example of the recent liability aspect of insurance can be found in a recent case that the Irish Brokers Association commented on regarding liability arising from school children playing along a boundary wall of a private property. The IBA stated “This is exactly why people buy House insurance. Subject to the property being properly maintained with no traps designed to hurt people, most policies would respond in the event of a claim”.

With another winter upon us, we can only hope to avoid a repeat of the November 2009 floods in the West of Ireland which caused millions of euro worth of damage to property, followed by an exceptionally cold spell at the start of 2010 which saw even more claims for freezing pipes and frost damage, but even those events paled in comparison to the monstrous weather of last winter, where low pressure storm after storm battered Ireland from 3-4 months, causing irreversible damage to the coastline and inflicting misery upon home owners.

Although crime statistics may point at a slight decrease in burglaries from the home, the perception is that overall crime and burglaries from the home is one of the main concerns for the Irish home owner at present due to the closure of Garda stations particularly in rural areas. Being burgled would be distressing enough without the added stress of not being insured to cover the losses.

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