Coronavirus and Travel Insurance

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Q. Who should I contact if my trip is affected by the spread of the Coronavirus?

  • You must contact your travel provider to claim back the costs of trips that have been cancelled or shortened

Q. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and my flight.

  • If the DFA has declared that you should not travel to your destination, then you should contact your airline for a refund
  • If you booked your flight before a DFA statement was made about an area, you can submit a claim
  • If the DFA has not warned against travel to the area you are travelling to, you will not be entitled to a refund
  • If you travel to an area against DFA advice, claims related to the Coronavirus may be denied

Q. What am I entitled to if the airline cancels my flights?

If the airline cancels your flights, they are required to offer you:

  • A refund
  • Another flight at a later date that is convenient to you
  • Another flight as soon as possible

If you choose the last option and are flying home, the airline must provide you with:

  • Meals while you wait
  • Accommodation if you must stay overnight

Under certain circumstances, you may not be entitled to compensation. These include if your flight was cancelled because of:

  • Industrial action
  • Security risks
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Extraordinary circumstances

Or if:

  • You received notice of the cancellation 2 weeks in advance
  • You received less than 7 days’ notice, but were offered another flight