Cyber & Data Protection

In today’s fast-paced world, organisations should be prepared for the unexpected. To recover quickly from a disaster, your business must have a disaster recovery plan, also called a business continuity plan. The plan is usually the responsibility of one person and your insurance broker can help in setting it up. With our partner Travelers, we can provide specialist support and guidance in setting up your business continuity plan.

Cyber and Data Protection Insurance

Cyber and Data Protection Insurance

Business Continuity Plan

The continuity plan needs to identify potential threats or risks which could include anything from a power outage to a flood or an act of terrorism. The business needs to understand the potential impact of any of these threats and put in place an action plan to deal with them. It’s also sensible to have a plan if the office becomes unaccessible as a result. Access to office services from home or another premises or access to a remote server in the cloud could be the difference between having to close or remain open for business.

Cyber extortion

New and emerging risks such as cyber extortion and kidnap need to be considered. In Ireland, cybercrime costs the economy €630m a year according to Grant Thornton. Future Insurance has partnered with Travelers who have included a criminal protection and response service in to it’s office insurance product providing access to specialist support as well as financial cover.

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