Home Insurance

Your home and its contents are your most valuable possession and with occurrences such as burglary, flood/storm damage, fire and more, threatening our homes everyday, not having insurance means we leave ourselves open to serious financial loss and stress.

Future offer competitive packages, from over 30 providers, which include the following cover:

  •  Standard & Non-Standard Risks
  • Owner Occupied
  • Landlord insurance
  • Cover for Loss of Rent
  • Buildings & Contents cover
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Removal of debris costs and architects fees
  • Liability to domestic employees
  • Leak of central heating oil
  • Fire Brigade fees
  • Cover for Loss of credit cards and money
  • Replacement locks
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover

Terms & Conditions for quote:

Please confirm that your property is :

  • occupied solely by your and/or members of your family as your principal residence
  • maintained in a state of good repair
  • in an area free from flood
  • in an area free from subsidence
  • not left regularly unoccupied at night
  • not left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days at any one time
  • not used for commercial purpose
  • not currently under construction, renovation or repair

and that you or any member of your family has not :

  • suffered any loss over the last five years from any of the events you wish to insure for
  • had a proposal declined, renewal refused, cover withdrawn or terminated or special terms imposed
  • been convicted of, or have any prosecution pending for any criminal offence (other than minor driving offences)